Thursday, 9 December 2010

Blogvent 9 - Snowy Scene...

Ahh just some nice pictures of for you today - these were taken in January just before little man number 2 came along and boy was I scared that we were going to get snowed into our cul-de-sac which is on a downward incline from the main estate roads (which did get gritted whilst ours didn't), a home birth was not on my agenda!
And.. the year before, when we made our goliath 7ft + snowman (unfortunately very poorly structured and fell apart even whilst being photographed)!
And a couple of our friendly garden visitors braving the freezing fog and ice from this year...
Snowfall by nightfall... only taken last week x
I hope that this year we will all be able to have a go at snowman building and sledging down the local hill - I was jealous with my huge bump watching everyone go by on their way to get frozen bums all wrapped up in the best woolie hats, scarves and gloves!

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