Saturday, 4 December 2010

Blogvent 4 - House Beautiful

I don't often pick up home magazines as I'm currently saving to do a bit of a refurb and remodel on our downstairs and it can be a bit disheartening when you know you're still a way off so I leave them on the shelves...

However, I couldn't resist the Dec 2010/Jan 2011 edition of House Beautiful as it came with an extra '101 Christmas Ideas' bonus mag and it hasn't disappointed at all...

Would you look at that for sustainability - beautiful and oh so functional if you happen to require a button at the last minute (although maybe not so sustainable if you keep nabbing the buttons to do repairs with!)
Bossy... maybe... but I think I will hang some scented decorations on my door handles so that I get a Christmas waft every time.
This whole page is beautiful, I need a new wreath as our old one got so cold last year after a few years use and just gave up on us - it was also a bit sad and plain being just green with one ribbon it so...
Either of these two beautiful and slightly alternative wreaths would be amazing - do you think baubles would survive outside tho?


  1. I love those bauble wreaths too - I think you could make them with a suitable base and glue gun. I made a base on my blog about a week back from twine and stuff out the garden - you might want to give it a try - another one I have seen is Mrs B's (afteralltheworldisabeautifulplace.blogspot) who sells her woollen ball ones. Take a look. Betty

  2. i subscribe to house beautiful and its always full of lovely ideas, but i know what you mean about Christmas magazines i seem to pick a new one up each time i go out!!! and i keep all my old copies too!!!

  3. I've only just moved into my own place and have never bought a house mag before, this seems like an fab one to start off with! Love the button tree, I love anything with buttons on. We've been after a wreath aswell and I love the bauble one :)

  4. Love the tree with buttons...dont forget if you run out of buttons that I still have lots of charity buttons!!!


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