Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Blogvent 22 - Yet more felt...

Do you get the impression we invested in a job lot of felt?? This time not the best quality by a long chalk but the colours are great and it's nice and stiff which really helped with these projects. Fayefayesparkle and I went to town, these are all double sided and then given hand stitched details to make them really our own! My tree is now heaving with decorations and it's getting harder to find the right spot to put things visibly.

This birdie is Fayes and I love it so much I've commissioned her to make me one - do you think sisterly obligation is okay??
These next two are a little more traditional but fun all the same, I love to see a nice fat Robin on our feeder outside and this fellow should be very happy inside too!

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  1. Love the robin, he looks like hes doing the splits..really appropriate in this weather!!


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