Sunday, 19 December 2010

Blogvent 19 - Scented Decorations...

After my post from House Beautiful I went on the look out for scented decorations and I came across Scatty Cat, whilst browsing I found this most beautiful and ingenious gift idea for any book lover. I love the smell of a new book as it evokes something in me I'm not sure what! On the other hand some of the books I buy are pre-owned and not always pre-loved so this would solve that problem straight away.

Can you recall a memory from a delicate scent or a particular piece of music? For me it's studying Jane Eyre whilst listening to 'Let Loose' Crazy for you, and drinking a cup of Tomato Soup, both things take me straight back to the attic and Mr Rochesters crazy wife!

Anyhoo - pop over to scatty cat for some great decorations and gift ideas x

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  1. Thanks - you have come up with the goods every week - it's lovely to nip along to your blog and have all these ideas!


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