Saturday, 18 December 2010

Blogvent 18 - Simple Gifting...

I've a few friends that I tend to share an experience with more so than a gift. At this time of year, we always get together have cakes and hot drinks and chat the time away. We also exchange small gifts - usually a low budget and there is no obligation to join in at all anyway and all of us, have chosen not to do so at times.

Last year I made gingerbread shapes, festive votives and a crochet decoration. I would have loved to hand make as much this year but my boys are really noticing Christmas and I want to share in every magical moment rather than be in the kitchen. But, I still wanted something quick and simple to gift.

Here we have this years offering... (thanks to Cakes from Kim for the hot drink inspiration)
  • A gorgeous festive mug from my local supermarket (bought during the weekly shop on 3 for 2 - so low on time and cash)
  • Some Peppermint Candy Canes
  • Belgian Hot Chocolate sachets
  • Festive flavoured Tea Bags

And to personalise them, I've made some labels and stickers to dress everything in their simple paper bag wrapping x


  1. What a lovely way to package a pressie, thanks. Is that your own handwriting on the instructions? wish mine was that neat.

  2. Aww Chloe that's such a lovely gift and I'm made up that you got the inspiration from something that I posted on my blog! I hope your friends like them - your packaging is beautiful too :) You have very lucky friends!


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