Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Blogvent 15 - Thrifty Homely Corner...

Here is a little corner in my flat with some Christmas cheer!

Its not much but it is my favourite Christmas corner at the moment. The little Father Christmas jar came from a 99p store and the brass candlestick holders were all charity shop finds!

Whats your favourite Christmas corner?


  1. Love your father favourite corner this year is the landing, done in teal, fuschia,lime green and purple...very modern for me but looks very bright and cheerful. The other thing I like is that I put my cards as they arrive in appropiate this year have had sveral snowmen and they all go together by my china snowmen, the religious ones go near my nativity set etc...makes me look at the cards more and they really add to the decorative effect...I know, I know, I'm sad !!!!!

  2. Ooh looks lovely, I especially love the star! My favourite corner is where I have my Poinsetta, I've always wanted one and never had one before, but somebody bought me one this year and I was over the moon :)


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