Friday, 10 December 2010

Blogvent 10 - Sneak Peek in Country Living...

First of all my apologies for the quality of the pictures but here are a few of my favourite pages from the Christmas country living!

I love the little robin decorations

I am really liking the more simple Christmas look. Actually I don't think I mean simple, the less obvious Christmas look, not so commercial and shop bought but hints of Christmas and handmade items - makes everything more homely and inviting and less like a shop front, if you get waht I mean - ok I will stop my random thoughts now and be gone!

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  1. I think the magazines this year are far more focused on home made (although their pictures are created with shop bought look alike sadly!) but for once they are an inspiration that 'I can make that'. Hope my Country Living comes soon - our post is still intermittant.


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