Monday, 8 November 2010

Shoe fitting...

My youngest son has been on his feet since his 7th month, cruising around our furniture and walking behind his big brothers walker. I can't keep socks on his feet for love nor money and being maybe a little neurotic I'd like to keep his toes warm and slightly safe from his big brothers excited running and pushing of toys around our living room.

Why oh why do high street stores charge upwards of £20 for a pair of baby crawling/cruising shoes that aren't leather and don't have a non-slip sole? I can understand that my son doesn't yet need shoes to walk in and he's better off without those until they're needed, also that he's a little unusual in being up and about this young (before you say it I know of younger and much older walkers too so feel for those parents who follow development charts closely, it's a crazy rat race to get into so young in your childs life). I just want a layer between sock and the tricycle wheels that doesn't cost enormous amounts.

I managed to find these from a high street, they're suede and have extra grip on the sole, have laces so can't be pulled off and thrown over the side of the push chair and they're so flexible they may as well be a sock (washable too), less than £10 aswell. You'd think the specific shoe/baby shops would be able to create something similar and save us all the trek around town...

rant over - his feet will be bigger in 6/8 weeks so no point getting mad is there.

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  1. My eldest sone needed new shoes every 4 weeks once he started walking - I think I am responsible for Clark's profits! Thanks so so much for my gorgeous scarf & bag, they are amazing you clever


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