Sunday, 21 November 2010

Blogvent, what do you think...

I feel that I've come across soooo many wonderful things that relate to Christmas; that in the spirit of an Advent Calendar, I from December 1st (and a couple of contributors) would like to share these with everyone else too.

I've designed a button that will link back to this post so that everyone understands at least my reason for taking part - it's a little way to give back and further share the wonders which many of us come across regularly. But, having been a new blogger and still finding my feet it would be nice if another newbie came upon our little blog land daily gifts and enjoyed them too x

Please feel free to take part for all, some or none of these shenanigans - if you do I'd love to know that you are so please leave me a comment and I'll ensure links to your own pages are written up too.

24 days of blogging - be a first for me that's definite!


  1. Hi Chloe - it's a lovely idea. I'm afraid that I am actually going to take a month(ish) off from blogging, probably starting this week-end. I have over-committed myself and am trying to avoid a melt-down!xx

  2. Hello, I saw this on Fayefayesparkle's blog and would love to take part.. I'm fairly new to blogging so sounds like a great idea and excuse to blog more regularly! As it's baking I blog about, I'm not sure I'd have time to bake 24 things (unless the snow hangs around!) but hopefully I'll be able to sniff out some yummy Christmas recipes to share. Look forward to reading your posts :)


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