Tuesday, 30 November 2010


I'm sorry, it's been a little while but I've been very busy in the background preparing for...

and Father Christmas has also asked me to help arrange gifts for a couple of very good little boys. Before I could pause for thought, I spotted it's been over a week since my last post!

I've been crafting away and generally trying to keep warm - I've Iced two of the four Christmas Cakes, the first of which has already been eaten (partly) by the lovely Ladies from the Butterfly Garden Knitters group when we had a festive Bring and Buy recently, I brought and I bought. I'm always astonished by how well these Yarn BABs go, what I couldn't bring myself to knit with ever again someone else snapped up and already had a project in mind.

We raised in excess of £230 for the Butterfly Garden at Dundry Nurseries - a superb effort by all for a great local cause - they're hoping to build a new classroom on site with disabled access, convenience facilities and more space generally.

Marzipan, Midnight Blue Fondant and Simple White Snowflakes - think my next two cakes will have simple coverings too, I'm struggling to come up with a modelling idea that really strikes me - any and all suggestions warmly welcomed!


  1. How about a snow white cake with footprints (footprints in the snow, see?) I love your snowflakes and wonder how you make them. Lovely colour blue too.

  2. Wow, the cakes are brilliant, how do you do the snowflakes? I never would have thought to do blue icing for a cake, but it's really striking and looks great as a contrast to the snowflakes. :)

  3. I was swithering whether to get that same shade of blue for my new sofa covers - you`ve just helped me make up my mind!What stunning cakes - where did you get the icing?

  4. Hey all, I use a local store for most of my fondant but you can make up the shade using white fondant and a midnight blue food colour paste (never the liquid stuff - you'll just end up covered in very sticky goop.

    The snowflakes are a plunger set made by PME but I found mine in a local discount shop.

    Love the footprints idea I hadn't thought of that and the simplest ideas are often the best!

  5. Oh and completely got carried away answering questions to say Thank You all x


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