Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Pink pow...

Hope this isn't too bright for you!
DH gave me these and some chocs for spending a day at work, my maternity leave is nearing the end and I want to go back on a part time basis. Last time I returned I had to go back... full time, drop 4 grades or lose my job altogether and it was an incredibly stressful point in all our lives as I was dealt with poorly. I'm a pretty strong person but I was forced into leaving my son with other people (people I love) when we couldn't afford to lose my wage completely. The company had just received family friendly company of the year and I was left hanging on for an answer to my p/t request until a fortnight before my return - it was a lot to take and I confess that at the time I crumbled.

I did go back full time and it was a blessing in disguise as I found myself a superb secondment that can only be described as CV enhancing and we planned our second baby to follow swiftly to take advantage of a full time wage maternity leave, hoping that the business would change enough in my absence to open up some part time opportunities.

Phew that was a cathartic release of explanation - I've not read it back as it still has the power to upset me so apologies for my rambling.

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