Sunday, 17 October 2010

Cake Update...

Tis the season again and I can state that my home positively 'reeks' of brandy and spices in preparation for the great christmas bake. The fruit has been soaking for a week and after 3 hours of baking my cakes (only 2 this year I set myself a limit after the madness of last) I can breathe easily and with much relief.

Don't know if you've tried it before but a little tip if you haven't got any newspaper to wrap around your cakes whilst they're cooking. Roll up a long teatowel/cut up an old bath towel to the depth of your cake tin (you may have to roll from opposite diagonal corners to get the length, soak it in water and tie it around the cake, this helps keep the heat in the oven moist and prevents burning around the sides of the tin much better than newspaper - In my opinion anyway. I have an electric fan oven - couldn't say how well or wise this may be in a gas or oil based cooker.

Photos to come when they're looking a bit prettier, haven't planned what design I'll do yet so a few hours of browsing images online for inspiration ahead of me x

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  1. I haven't heard about using a towel before. You've reminded me, I must get a move on with mine!


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