Friday, 24 September 2010


eating Magpie to the rescue! I was sat gazing into space when I happened to spot a giant (by giant I mean I could see the whites of it's eyes and knew it didn't like me staring) spider crawling happily up the fence post (right of shot), I carried on knitting away and the flurry of what was bigger in real life suddenly made me drop a stitch and watch even more closely - he gobbled up that spider in one beak full and flew off before I could grab the camera for a better shot.

I normally don't like how the local magpies scare away the smaller birds but if they're going to eat Monsters like that in one go- well that's ok by me, one less wee beastie to find has crawled onto my washing and into the airing cupboard!

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  1. My cat does this job for me although she has bad eyesight so it can take some time and you have to keep picking her up and putting her right in front of the big hairy spider until she spots it!


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