Thursday, 30 September 2010

Oh what a marvellous parcel...

My blog partners items arrived this morning with a very loud knock at the door (thank you postie - I was changing a nappy and almost didn't get there to receive the package). Inside the most delicious smelling parcel I have ever had the privilege to open were soooo many treats with hues of autumnal foliage aplenty.

Before I even got into the parcel it was tied up with beautiful ribbon and twice bowed (is that even a word?)...
Then inside a basket were lots of tissue paper packages...
Inside which were...
Kandi - thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so lucky and pleased with all the lovely things you have sent, my phone is snug and no longer at risk of being scratched in the bottom of a changing bag, I was suitably bejewelled to visit my friend today and I've already spent all the time I should have been doing the washing reading the lovely mag. The yarn will be knitted up very soon; I already have a project or two in mind. And, the make-up bag is going to keep my attempts at being a yummy mummy so much more organised and separate from the nappy sacks from here on in! Can't wait to have a bath this evening and light my candles too x
Thank you again - you've really made my day/week - AUTUMN!!! xxx

Secret Santa...

I've just joined in with this swap (think I must be obsessed with these at the moment)!
Just click the picture for more details x

Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Cupcakes - it's been a while since I baked ordinary cakes and for no reason other than they are good to make and great to eat, so without further ado ta dah! Lemon Cupcakes with a light lemon buttercream filling and sponge hat soaked in sweetened lemon juice - intense but light as a feather and melt in the mouth lovely x

No special recipe or secret ingredients but always a really good mixing to make sure they rise!

I love any reason to pop a doily on my vintage glass dessert plate.

Autumnal gifts...

I recently joined in with CraftyHelens Pumpkin Patch swap and chose 'Autumn' as my preferred theme. I was lucky enough to be paired with the wonderful Lisa of 'Kandipandi's Pad' and after reading her blog (new to me) and loving what she writes, makes and reads I came up with a bundle that I think stays true to the knitter in me but also allowed me to branch out back to my old sewing days too. It was also the first opportunity I had to use my new labels very exciting!

A Laptop Sleeve...
The most lovely scented 'Autumn Fruits' Shea Butter Soap and Washcloth from here...
My very own scarf design with a take on a falling leaves pattern (more to come on this one with pattern details)...
One of my favourite bloggers (I just want to knit) book filled with lovely things for Lisa's friends baby...
And all together...

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Secret Stocking Swap...

I was too late to join in with Selinas Vintage swap but being the star that she is, my sister suggested that we swap one too (she did leave a comment on time and had told me to do so but I forgot and couldn't get in on the action). I was very disappointed to be too late and Faye obviously saw my grief and stepped in - now I didn't make a firm commitment as I thought we both had a few too many swaps on the go but one evening I stumbled upon a few web pages that had some lovely tutorials for different stockings (I'm sorry no links to them as it was actually quite late and I can't find exactly which ones they were after clearing my history d'oh) and decided to just sit at the machine and see what happened.

I love how it turned out and have even gone on to make more as it was so quick and easy - at the same time dramatically reducing my fabric stash - yay good stuff all round!

So what do you think? (obviously I'm posting this after Faye received her parcel and loved it too)

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Christmas Cheer...

I've just joined here- can't believe it's already less than one hundred sleeps to the big day! I'm so glad I have a 2 year old who loves Peasants (presents of course) - I think this year will be truly magical

Friday, 24 September 2010


eating Magpie to the rescue! I was sat gazing into space when I happened to spot a giant (by giant I mean I could see the whites of it's eyes and knew it didn't like me staring) spider crawling happily up the fence post (right of shot), I carried on knitting away and the flurry of what was bigger in real life suddenly made me drop a stitch and watch even more closely - he gobbled up that spider in one beak full and flew off before I could grab the camera for a better shot.

I normally don't like how the local magpies scare away the smaller birds but if they're going to eat Monsters like that in one go- well that's ok by me, one less wee beastie to find has crawled onto my washing and into the airing cupboard!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Night in the kitchen...

So I spent a little time in the kitchen after watching the Great British Bake Off - and now realise how amateur my attempts really are ugh, I mixed up dough for Biscuits and Scones. As you can see from the picture my scones turned into Rock Buns - tasty but overdone and not scone like at all.

The biscuits whilst simple didn't have the wow factor I think I wanted but was too tired to achieve! I also hate both the car and rocket cutter as the dough stuck every time!

I feel like I've not had a lot to say on here for a while but there are many things on the back burner that I can't reveal just now due to some swaps I'm taking part in and I need to get my typing mojo back.

Back soon x

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Sneak Peek 2...

I am almost there with my competition entry scarf - I've made it three times now, with different yarns and the pattern to hand to edit. I'm pleased to say I've settled on a yarn and pattern chart is ready but the written instructions aren't.

The yarn above is Sirdar Tweedie and it isn't going forward for the entry as it's not really elastic enough but still I will finish it to check the pattern again!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Autumn Bounty...

Along with Ladybirds the Hazlenuts have been incredibly plentiful so far this year and still lots more to drop from the tree - we don't have a tree in our garden but our neighbour does and it over hangs by a couple of yards - I can't imagine how many more nuts would fall if the tree was fully in the garden!

I predict something yummy from the nuts in a little while, it's going to take at least a day to crack all those shells!

Monday, 20 September 2010

How many have you seen...

These lovely creatures have been everywhere the past fortnight or so - I've been snapping them for days now but my macro setting isn't really man enough for shy ladybirds who always seem to be running away!

Friday, 17 September 2010

For girls... grown up and not so grown up

This gorgeous doll softie has such a lovely use of bright colour and when I found the site it came from - I had to share x

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Sweet Treat... Fruit & Nut Fudge

There are many recipes out there for fudge, I found another only recently! Over time I've begged, stolen and borrowed snippets from them all to make what I like, so to share with you my preferred recipe, thank you to everyone before me for your help and inspiration...


  • Tin Opener
  • Microwaveable jug or bowl (2 pint)
  • Silicone or loose bottomed square tin (6")
  • Microwave
  • Spatula


  • 1 x 405g tin of Light Condensed Milk (ordinary works fine - I just prefer this one and on the whole seem to get better results)
  • 100g Dark Chocolate (I've also used choc drops, buttons and white choc with equal success)
  • 2 Tablespoons of Spreadable Butter Alternative or Real Butter (Gasp! real butter?? oh yes and it tastes good)
  • Extra fudge flavours:
  • Chopped Nuts, about half a handful (sorry never measured this out properly)
  • Dried Fruit, a handful (ditto)


  • Break up the chocolate if not using chips etc
  • Line your tin or if silicone no need to do anything
  • Put the broken chocolate, condensed milk and spread/butter into your microwaveable bowl, stir to ensure choc is covered by milk (this helps prevent it from burning) - nuke it on high or at least 800w for 4 minutes in the microwave (if choc not melted only do 30sec boosts from here on in - a good stir will normally do it though)
  • Tip in the extras, stir to combine
  • Pour into your prepped container
  • Leave in fridge to cool - preferably overnight
  • Cut and eat (probably best not to eat all in one sitting, imagine the sugar high - also it's nice to share).
Enjoy x

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The joy of arrivals...

Over the last couple of months I had been preparing a number of gifts for a friend who was expecting her first baby in about a weeks time (I blogged the basket previously), however the little man put in an appearance sooner than expected, welcome to the world little one ::

10:08 pm
Lewis James


Wii update...

Have tried so very hard to be good and wii fit regularly but obviously not hard enough, 3 solid weeks were completed but a nasty cold (not alone a good enough reason to stop exercising) and a very nasty back issue has prevented me from finishing the full 4 weeks. I'm not gutted or anything, just wish I could have done what I set out to do. Back is still at crisis point so no exercise until sorted out properly. Perhaps then I can finish week 4!!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

First time in a tent...

For our little family of 4, look at us all enjoying ourselves, 2 nights and 1 whole day in the tent. Sleep was elusive but all managed a few hours - enough to trickle charge our batteries for more fun x