Thursday, 5 August 2010

Fit check in...1 week

So whilst I only blogged about starting the fit project a short time ago, I have actually completed a week already and the verdict is good so far.

  • BMI 30.71
  • And 6" loss over standard measurements
  • 6 days completed out of 7 - the other day I had a 40 minute walk up our hill after dropping the car off for repairs.

Not anything significant on the scales, maybe 1lb but the real change is how quickly my muscles have responded and pulled in a little all over - clothes fitting more comfortably and am closer to my pre-pregnancy size with the exception of my waist measurement. Guess I'll have to combine a bit more resistance style wii poses with the cardio 'fun' games.

Still to get the pics done, think I'm avoiding asking my husband to help really x

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