Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Super Soft Baby Bootees...

A friend is expecting a baby in October and I wanted to put together a gift, I'm making a layette and so far the bootees are complete.

Having made a fair few bootees now I have created my own seed stitch style that I come back to time and again, I don't really have a pattern just a few random numbers that always seem to come out right. The beauty of these numbers is much more than skin deep too as I've discovered that the 4ply version is ideal from 0-3 months, the DK does 3-6 months and the aran weight is great for 6-9 months +, all of which I just use the corresponding needles for the yarn weight.

I'm trying to develop a seed stitch themed layette that would work as the bootees do, finer yarn for less mobile babies up to the great durability of an aran weight for those that are finding their feet and almost certainly their toes when crawling about - what do you think? Also, I'm trying to be unisex but simple with the style too.

P.S. I'm using Wendy Peter Pan 4ply in the above pic, it's a lovely bright white with a strand of shimmer running through.

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