Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Pastry Part 1...

For tea tonight I wanted to try making my own quiche (or something like it) and so here you are, Broccoli and Parmesan Mini quiches. I made them in my muffin pan and cheated all the way with pre grated parmesan, frozen broccoli and ready made pastry, I had to mix the eggs, roll the pastry and season but with two small boys that was enough. I've recently realised how little time there is to put something interesting and homemade on the table of an evening so these were my compromise.

If anyone knows where to find a spare hour in the day for good nutritious easy to make food I'd love to know, oh and everyone in the family needs to eat it too! ......

...... Fish fingers and oven chips it is then - a minute tops to put on the tray, pop in the oven and then dish up when the timer pings 20 minutes later after having read three books, played peepo and kicked a ball around too.

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