Saturday, 24 April 2010

Choo Choo Choo...

A family outing to Toddington Station in order to see some really useful engines was the best fun we've had out as a family unit, newest little man is at that gurgly giggly stage and big little man was just enthralled with everything he saw, he had four train rides and one bus ride (he didn't really drive I promise). I couldn't resist putting up so many pics as they're all so lovely to me and it really was very hard to choose!
We came home with a flag to wave and a Bertie Bus and neither have really left his hands the whole time since. He was shattered and fell very soundly asleep!

A first go on a funfair type ride - look at the joy on his face...
I had the privilege whilst we were out to run into my Year 5 teacher and got the chance to chat and thank her for all her help and for making learning so much fun back then (I still remember the books we read as a class, the experiments we did and much of the curriculum too). Funny how much one person can become imprinted on your life at such a young age. I hope my boys have someone like that for them too.

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  1. Your boys already have someone imprinted on them - you! So glad you are happy now.


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