Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Across the pond KAL...

My motivation for completing a knitting project at the mo is pretty low - every time I try to get going something else comes up and more importantly I am mummy first before anything and everything else (especially housework, although some may argue a spotless home is vital - I'll settle for a clean organised chaos).

Having said all that, I recently discovered the 'in common' section on ravelry and came across a lovely person who has 5 patterns queued in common with me and 2 that have been completed too. So, I made contact and suggested a pattern that we can complete together although so many miles apart.

I cast on, on Monday and haven't looked back - for obvious reasons a quick, small and easy to tidy project was called for. Robins Egg Blue hat was perfect and I'm about 2/3 completed during nap times - I think I've got my knitting mojo back!

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