Thursday, 14 January 2010

One day wonders...

Today I thought about what to achieve in a day and wanted it to be something spectacular but couldn't get my head into doing anything at all so I've finished the front to DH's new sweater and started a sleeve, I did say I'd like to have it finished before bump becomes baby but never ending knitting of large items isn't thrilling me as much as other things I could be doing.

Perhaps today is more of a wondering day than an actual completion of anything day but that I can cope with until tomorrow - perhaps being more organised and having something to actually make tomorrow may get me up and going from minute one.

Visited the midwife today and all is still well - bumps heart is beating like crazy (after a slightly worrying evening yesterday when I couldn't remember it moving all day long but then I was running and crawling and rolling around with my little man and loving it) and it's still in a great position to come out normally - phew.

No snazzy pictures today sorry, bored of taking snow shots now. Hope all out there having a more productive/creative/less brain aching day!

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