Thursday, 31 December 2009

Reflecting on the decade...

18 Years old - Finished and left School, 4 A-level passes and plans to go to university in the autumn

Left the University of the West of England after embarking on a degree in Business Studies with extra modules in German and Human Resources.
Started to work for Cheltenham and Gloucester Plc as a Deeds Administration Clerk

2 promotions later and was now a Senior Accounts Administrator

Promoted to possibly the worst job I've ever had - Team Leader (to this day I still recall how much pain my line manager caused me and how unprepared I was to deal with other peoples problems - even with the desire there to do so)

Process Improvement Leader

First trip to India to the West Coast and Mumbai for 2 stints totalling 6 months. Blanked a lot of this year as on my return things just didn't go right for the rest of the year and this left me very low and battling to regain my sense of self - betrayal will do that to you!

Met my now husband, 3rd trip to India for work this time 3 months and to the East Coast and Kolkatta.
Holiday of a lifetime to Dubai
On the stroke of Midnight 31/12/2006 - DH proposed and I accepted

Now a Mortgage Sales Trainer and travelling the country
January the 8th - I moved into DH house and we began planning our wedding for 07/07/07 (a day short of a full year we would have been together - some say quick but after going through wrong relationships we both knew that this was right)
The sun shone for the only whole day in July for our wedding and probably for the only day that summer - the year of floods.
Honeymoon in Dominican Republic - Puerta Plata, a second holiday of a lifetime (I've been very lucky)
September discovered carrying our first child

18/05/08 Little Man born after an epic 22 hours - epic in many varied ways but not for this blog

April - discovered carrying our second child and as I write only 3 weeks left to go until we will have 2 children - one in each of the first 2 decades of this century

Only written very briefly but still bringing back lots of other significant memories - a surprising amount can happen in 10 years.

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