Sunday, 11 October 2009

New Cake Tin...

It has taken me some time to put these pics up but as we've started our cake decorating course and i'm trying to practise techniques all the time so I've been a bit short of the aforementioned time. Anyway - whilst I try to avoid the rambling I so loathe in blogging - The tin was a dream to work with, needed filling to within an inch of the top (to keep the sponges moist and dense) and took twice as long on a lower heat than most normal sponges would take.
My fondant skills are sadly lacking but I noticed the improvement with each cake I did and the decoration was simply a practise of all sorts of things.
I'm ashamed to say that my first cake was so abismal - wonky and much like the leaning tower of pisa that you will notice a distinct gap in the pictures - I will save that for perhaps a disasters blog one of these days!
I love my new tin and can't wait to try a nice rich fruit cake in it and perhaps Royal Icing would be easier than trying to get fondant to cascade down all the tiers in one go!

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