Sunday, 11 October 2009

Ally Pally and all the palava...

A long and tiring journey:

Gloucester to Swindon Station - 40mins
Swindon to Paddington - 60mins
Paddington to Kings Cross - 20mins
Kings Cross to Wood Green - 20mins
Wood Green to Ally Pally - 10mins

2 and a half hours from home not including the time it took to pick up and drop people off too. Was it worth it? I ask myself and the answer isn't a simple yes. Saturday was not the best day to go to a heaving show with possibly the worst catering I have ever come across - a queue of 40mins for a bottle of water is not my idea of fun and yes I should have been more prepared but the NEC and Olympia seemed to manage so well that I took a risk!

A 6mth bump does not appreciate the narrow aisles and lack of seating too much either but the aisles were braved twice; as far too much to see in one go.

When it came to buying anything it was bedlam trying to get anywhere near stands to pick up what you'd seen earlier so I probably saved myself some money!

On a positive note - the exhibitors and vendors were marvellous and finally filled the gap in other shows for knitting accessories - so with some knit pros, a bag, a beautiful shawl pattern (and yarn) and two skeins of the softest most luxurious 100% silk ( hand dyed and hand spun) at a ridiculously low price - I came home, hungry, thirsty, weary but very excited with what I would make next!

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