Friday, 30 October 2009

Basket after...

Just realised I never posted the completed pictures d'oh!
Into the last trimester now as well so the countdown to using it begins - scary indeed.

Thursday, 29 October 2009


Not so scary but my contribution to halloween this year - the usual dense, sticky and gooey choc mud cake - think this recipe can now be classed as achieved and a definite success!

I love how in making grey - my fondant has flecks of the other colours that combine to eventually make black - it makes me think of a strangely clear sky with spooky lights and wisps of cloud floating past!

And my bloodthirsty bats are out in force to hunt their prey - those foolish enough to go trick or treating! We'll be ok as we've got a baby bat coming with us this year!

Friday, 23 October 2009

No apologies...

but here is yet another creation - Choc mud cake base with fondant pigglies on a buttercream pool of mud and straggly grass for snuffling in!
Only made last night to tell my colleagues they are exceptional!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Yummy yummy...

Just another creation for you all to see and another special day coming up (obviously a little artistic license in the colours and exposure above). Rich Chocolate Mud Cake and fondant decorations fit for a very Happy Birthday...
I'm so pleased with the progress i'm making on my cake decorating course - I hope that it's visible in the pics too - maybe I ought to take a course in photography???

Friday, 16 October 2009

Special day...

As I struggle to remember last year let alone 14 years ago - my niece turns 13 shortly and has joined the ranks of teenager. So to commemorate the occasion I created this...

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Ally Pally and all the palava...

A long and tiring journey:

Gloucester to Swindon Station - 40mins
Swindon to Paddington - 60mins
Paddington to Kings Cross - 20mins
Kings Cross to Wood Green - 20mins
Wood Green to Ally Pally - 10mins

2 and a half hours from home not including the time it took to pick up and drop people off too. Was it worth it? I ask myself and the answer isn't a simple yes. Saturday was not the best day to go to a heaving show with possibly the worst catering I have ever come across - a queue of 40mins for a bottle of water is not my idea of fun and yes I should have been more prepared but the NEC and Olympia seemed to manage so well that I took a risk!

A 6mth bump does not appreciate the narrow aisles and lack of seating too much either but the aisles were braved twice; as far too much to see in one go.

When it came to buying anything it was bedlam trying to get anywhere near stands to pick up what you'd seen earlier so I probably saved myself some money!

On a positive note - the exhibitors and vendors were marvellous and finally filled the gap in other shows for knitting accessories - so with some knit pros, a bag, a beautiful shawl pattern (and yarn) and two skeins of the softest most luxurious 100% silk ( hand dyed and hand spun) at a ridiculously low price - I came home, hungry, thirsty, weary but very excited with what I would make next!

New Cake Tin...

It has taken me some time to put these pics up but as we've started our cake decorating course and i'm trying to practise techniques all the time so I've been a bit short of the aforementioned time. Anyway - whilst I try to avoid the rambling I so loathe in blogging - The tin was a dream to work with, needed filling to within an inch of the top (to keep the sponges moist and dense) and took twice as long on a lower heat than most normal sponges would take.
My fondant skills are sadly lacking but I noticed the improvement with each cake I did and the decoration was simply a practise of all sorts of things.
I'm ashamed to say that my first cake was so abismal - wonky and much like the leaning tower of pisa that you will notice a distinct gap in the pictures - I will save that for perhaps a disasters blog one of these days!
I love my new tin and can't wait to try a nice rich fruit cake in it and perhaps Royal Icing would be easier than trying to get fondant to cascade down all the tiers in one go!