Saturday, 5 September 2009

Saturday Morning...

Peace and quiet, little man is out for a sleepover at nannys house and whilst I'm not lying in, i'm also not mad dashing around so I've completed 50g of knitting and am on the home stretch on a lacy scarf for a friend.

I also have taken some pictures of our newly planted box hedge - we've lifted some patio slabs to define a new space in the garden and hopefully as the box grows it will stop all the multitude of toys and balls being thrown down the back of the shed never to be seen again!
The hedge should grow about 6inches per year and so by next year will be plenty to stop things going too far - we did consider buying plants that were bigger to start with but thought that we'd rather see them develop from very small.

There is a black arch now in the centre and I've got a lovely evergreen honeysuckle to plant and train over it. Only trouble is that little man rather likes the idea of going through the arch and down the step (ok until he wants to go down the next step which is very deep).

It's so lovely sat here, sunny but cool outside and only the sound of the computer humming and keys tapping!

Have a great saturday whatever your plans may be!

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