Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Mini wedding...

A colleague at work is to marry in two weeks time and it's too good an opportunity not to put some of my newly learned icing and baking skills and techniques to use. I've baked some very light fruit sponges in my heart shaped muffin pan and iced each one individually with a top hat of fondant and then a total covering (didn't want the fruit oils to discolour the top).

Then using royal icing I piped some heart shapes and filled the centres with random squiggles to make a type of filigree shape that would stand on top of the cakes at a very slight angle. I did do this first time around onto greaseproof paper but they stuck like billy-o, so I asked a very lovely lady at my local cake shop what she would recommend and re-did them onto cellophane instead and they lifted beautifully easily!

I'm really rather pleased with the finished result just hope they taste great too!

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