Sunday, 27 September 2009


We set out with high hopes for a relaxing but active week on the North Devon Coast and when roadworks on the M5 caused an hour long detour - we should have known then that we weren't going to get what we expected.
On arrival our lodge was spacious and fairly well equipped but not really to our usual standards, frankly everything was tired and in need of some restoration at the park and being situated on extreme inclines meant that it just wasn't fun to drag my 5month pregnant body around with buggy in front too. Little man was desperate to be outside to have some fun but with the gradient, extreme proximity to the car park, treacherous decking and steps it just wasn't possible to do so without holding an adults hand - and that's just no fun when you're becoming independent and know which way you want to go.
We had some reasonable weather for the first couple of days and had a great day out at a local farm type attraction. Unfortunately it didn't last and we couldn't spend any time on the beach as planned (tides weren't exactly in our favour when it did cheer up either) or even at the local parks.
In short facilities and location were poor and we knew we'd have more fun at home with more space and freedom for little man so home we jolly well came.

We knew we were in for a sunny spell so packed up the car for a day at a local wildlife park and had a fantastic time running around watching all the animals doing funny animal things and playing on the brilliantly equipped play park. We even had a train journey and when you love to yell choo choo at the top of your lungs that is about as good as it gets!

Finally we spent our last couple of days decorating bumps new room so that we can decorate our own next (it's like one of those tile puzzles where you have to move a piece to get to where you need to be) and pottering about at home and locally.

Looking forward I hope to have some baking news for you soon as we start our cake decorating course on Tuesday - can't wait!

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