Tuesday, 1 September 2009


A date to remember for ever and ever and ever!

Little man has taken his first steps unaided, the story...

Whilst Mummy and Daddy have been encouraging him to walk between us holding on, it wasn't until a very wet afternoon when he decided that he could let go our hands and go it alone.

We began the usual supportive walking back and forth and it felt that he'd maybe taken a step towards me on his own but we couldn't be sure if he'd managed it before grabbing my arms.

All of a sudden the heavens opened with incredible fat drops of rain (and lots of them) - Daddy went to the french windows and waved us to join him to look. With lorry in right hand and Mummy holding his left we set off but soon Mummy couldn't reach and he just had to see the exciting weather - let go and 3 or 4 steps later wobbled towards the glass and was caught by Daddy before falling through it!

It's been a few days since and he's taken at least a few steps every single day. It was so exciting and he's very pleased with himself and all the attention he gets when 'performing' - the distance is growing and he can even stop for a second before continuing.

I am the proudest Mummy in the world!

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