Sunday, 27 September 2009


We set out with high hopes for a relaxing but active week on the North Devon Coast and when roadworks on the M5 caused an hour long detour - we should have known then that we weren't going to get what we expected.
On arrival our lodge was spacious and fairly well equipped but not really to our usual standards, frankly everything was tired and in need of some restoration at the park and being situated on extreme inclines meant that it just wasn't fun to drag my 5month pregnant body around with buggy in front too. Little man was desperate to be outside to have some fun but with the gradient, extreme proximity to the car park, treacherous decking and steps it just wasn't possible to do so without holding an adults hand - and that's just no fun when you're becoming independent and know which way you want to go.
We had some reasonable weather for the first couple of days and had a great day out at a local farm type attraction. Unfortunately it didn't last and we couldn't spend any time on the beach as planned (tides weren't exactly in our favour when it did cheer up either) or even at the local parks.
In short facilities and location were poor and we knew we'd have more fun at home with more space and freedom for little man so home we jolly well came.

We knew we were in for a sunny spell so packed up the car for a day at a local wildlife park and had a fantastic time running around watching all the animals doing funny animal things and playing on the brilliantly equipped play park. We even had a train journey and when you love to yell choo choo at the top of your lungs that is about as good as it gets!

Finally we spent our last couple of days decorating bumps new room so that we can decorate our own next (it's like one of those tile puzzles where you have to move a piece to get to where you need to be) and pottering about at home and locally.

Looking forward I hope to have some baking news for you soon as we start our cake decorating course on Tuesday - can't wait!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

First video...

and a first in another way - first time little man let go and walked just exactly where he wanted to and oh how excited he was and how proud we were - no stopping him now!

Happiness Is...

and I shall count the little snippets of happiness a weekend can bring...

1 A fantastic Homemade Victoria Sponge (new recipe and possibly best yet2 A new Kitchen Machine to make all kinds of baked delights
3 Using new kitchen machine to make cookie dough
4 Making cookies with the cookie gun my friend very kindly gave me
5 Looking in awe at over 100 cookies made sooooooo easily (I love my friend for giving me a cookie gun)
6 The smell of fresh brewed coffee from the new machine I bought DH
7 Visiting a great shop in Cirencester and finding the perfect cake tin (4 individual 3tiered cakes all in one tin)
8 The bright and cool evening that I'm sitting here typing

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Just how exactly do they get it so precise?

A very long and quite painful appointment due to the amount of liquid I had to consume an hour before and baby just wouldn't keep still so the sonographer had to press quite hard!

But still baby appears healthy and growing as expected- all limbs and vital organs accounted for. Again, we weren't asked if we wanted to know the sex and neither of us brought it up either so apologies but it's still a secret to all of us.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sunday Morning...

Not as quiet as yesterday but sitting down snuggled in PJ's and dressing gown whilst eating hot buttered toast with lots of homemade raspberry jam (seeds left in - the best way). It's normal and yet strange not to be dressed and preparing to go off out somewhere.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Satur... day...

So, I started these this morning and finished them this afternoon - a normal sponge mix with one little very special secret ingredient!
I'm in practise for my cake decorating course and thought I'd try out my new blossom plungers - they were so easy to use and have made the most gorgeous addition to my little cakes.
DH very kindly took pics whilst I finished the washing up (someone has to do it) and was also responsible for some of the purple blossoms too.
I'm really delighted with how they've turned out - it seems that patience and less is definitely more!

What else is there possibly left to do on a saturday that never had any plans in the first place?

Saturday Morning...

Peace and quiet, little man is out for a sleepover at nannys house and whilst I'm not lying in, i'm also not mad dashing around so I've completed 50g of knitting and am on the home stretch on a lacy scarf for a friend.

I also have taken some pictures of our newly planted box hedge - we've lifted some patio slabs to define a new space in the garden and hopefully as the box grows it will stop all the multitude of toys and balls being thrown down the back of the shed never to be seen again!
The hedge should grow about 6inches per year and so by next year will be plenty to stop things going too far - we did consider buying plants that were bigger to start with but thought that we'd rather see them develop from very small.

There is a black arch now in the centre and I've got a lovely evergreen honeysuckle to plant and train over it. Only trouble is that little man rather likes the idea of going through the arch and down the step (ok until he wants to go down the next step which is very deep).

It's so lovely sat here, sunny but cool outside and only the sound of the computer humming and keys tapping!

Have a great saturday whatever your plans may be!

Friday, 4 September 2009

Huzzah for the weekend...

I'm writing this post mainly because there are no plans for Saturday or Sunday and that's exactly as it should be after a manic week like this.

I've very quickly realised that being at work, half way through a pregnancy and responsible for the best little (and big) man is exhausting and our family holiday can't come soon enough - still we've a little bit to wait just yet!

Knitting is on the needles and the moses basket lining and bedding is almost finished - just some last touches to complete and I'll show you how it's turned out.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Mini wedding...

A colleague at work is to marry in two weeks time and it's too good an opportunity not to put some of my newly learned icing and baking skills and techniques to use. I've baked some very light fruit sponges in my heart shaped muffin pan and iced each one individually with a top hat of fondant and then a total covering (didn't want the fruit oils to discolour the top).

Then using royal icing I piped some heart shapes and filled the centres with random squiggles to make a type of filigree shape that would stand on top of the cakes at a very slight angle. I did do this first time around onto greaseproof paper but they stuck like billy-o, so I asked a very lovely lady at my local cake shop what she would recommend and re-did them onto cellophane instead and they lifted beautifully easily!

I'm really rather pleased with the finished result just hope they taste great too!

Basket during...

The basket is now stripped and sanded back for a final time and the process of covering can begin::

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


A date to remember for ever and ever and ever!

Little man has taken his first steps unaided, the story...

Whilst Mummy and Daddy have been encouraging him to walk between us holding on, it wasn't until a very wet afternoon when he decided that he could let go our hands and go it alone.

We began the usual supportive walking back and forth and it felt that he'd maybe taken a step towards me on his own but we couldn't be sure if he'd managed it before grabbing my arms.

All of a sudden the heavens opened with incredible fat drops of rain (and lots of them) - Daddy went to the french windows and waved us to join him to look. With lorry in right hand and Mummy holding his left we set off but soon Mummy couldn't reach and he just had to see the exciting weather - let go and 3 or 4 steps later wobbled towards the glass and was caught by Daddy before falling through it!

It's been a few days since and he's taken at least a few steps every single day. It was so exciting and he's very pleased with himself and all the attention he gets when 'performing' - the distance is growing and he can even stop for a second before continuing.

I am the proudest Mummy in the world!