Sunday, 23 August 2009

Basket before...

As promised.

Start at the beginning...

We've just bought a lovely vintage wicker moses basket which has been a nest for babies before and looked after well.

Despite the obvious care someone has taken the paint is chipping and the cover has definitely seen better days - oh what joy an opportunity to combine so many crafts in one item!!

Woodwork - I've stripped off the gloss and just need to clean it down before I can repaint the sections I want to repaint (going to leave it in it's natural state I think for the most part).

Stitching - I'm going to use a fantastic old quilt cover that was very expensive but sadly now to small for our superking quilt -to remake the hood and basket liner.

Quilting - This little bed is going to need at least two slim quilts for a change (think the pillowcases are an almost ideal size for that - just need to shape the bottoms).

Knitting / Crochet - lastly a few cool blankets from a lovely cotton blend should do the trick.

I already have most of the bedding but each new arrival deserves something nice for themselves that has been lovingly mad from start to finish. Wish me luck - will post progress photos!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

It seems a while...

since I baked anything - just for the fun of it and not because there was an event warranting it and whilst I have an event in mind, I just today took delivery of some decorating supplies and so think I should do some very simple biscuits and decorate them to get some practise in.

I'll post the outcome shortly!