Friday, 17 July 2009

Cupcake Mountain...

I was so thrilled to get hold of one of these gorgeous wilton stands that i went a little bit crazy and made lots and lots of cupcakes and then a day later was making a birthday cake for a colleague.

As I will be leaving work this year due to redundancy - I'm looking into alternative things to do that will help to support our ever growing household - all ideas very welcome!

I've found a local college course in cake decorating and that's a start I suppose - my current efforts are incredibly amateurish and I'm really looking forward to some guidance and tips for creating beautiful cakes!


  1. Those cakes look absolutely scrumptious! I wish mine looked like that! x

  2. Is the redundancy definite? And more importantly is the course the begining of the new creative career we discussed? I have just created my first blog with blogger too! I might need some help from you!


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