Sunday, 14 June 2009

Triumph over adversity…

We’ve been having a tough time trying to understand why Haydn has been poorly recently and we’re starting to think that it’s a result of some very strong antibiotics that have effected his stomach and heightened pre-existing intolerances. We’re pretty sure that lactose is an issue and we’ve been combating this wherever possible by avoiding dairy in it’s purest form and have swapped it for lacto-free products.

Last week we went to an allergy clinic to get some definitive answers and although the homeopathic approach didn’t sit comfortably with either myself or my husband it revealed some information that we’re going to work with going forward.

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  1. Sorry Haydn has been under the weather - hope you get him sorted out.
    Even if you not sure about homeopathy if you try it and it works nothing lost but better to try than have doctor prescribe something which may just cause more problems.
    Was always sceptical about alternative medicine but having tried some and found that they do work I'm more open to them now.
    Re: job - everything happens for a reason you will probably find something that enables you to spend time with Haydn and earn money - either that or you could win the lottery jackpot.


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