Sunday, 19 April 2009


I've never had an eye infection before and can safely say I'm planning on never allowing anything remotely infectious near them again - the grief of conjunctivitis has hit myself and little man and it is fair to admit that he's handling the irritation better than me, however I don't fuss when it's time to put in more drops - I relate the drops to relief and he see's them as big people poking around his eyes and holding him still.

On a more positive and less literal note - the running and training in general is going fantastically - 2 runs this weekend and with any luck a couple during the week too as DH is on night shifts. I go out really early on the weekend when almost no-one else is around except some really stalwart dog walkers and I get back in time to eat some breakfast and enjoy the whole of the rest of the day.

Knitting is still on the back burner but my luck vest is coming on just fine (no more birthdays until November so I can rest from gifts for a while too!).

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