Sunday, 19 April 2009


I've never had an eye infection before and can safely say I'm planning on never allowing anything remotely infectious near them again - the grief of conjunctivitis has hit myself and little man and it is fair to admit that he's handling the irritation better than me, however I don't fuss when it's time to put in more drops - I relate the drops to relief and he see's them as big people poking around his eyes and holding him still.

On a more positive and less literal note - the running and training in general is going fantastically - 2 runs this weekend and with any luck a couple during the week too as DH is on night shifts. I go out really early on the weekend when almost no-one else is around except some really stalwart dog walkers and I get back in time to eat some breakfast and enjoy the whole of the rest of the day.

Knitting is still on the back burner but my luck vest is coming on just fine (no more birthdays until November so I can rest from gifts for a while too!).

Friday, 17 April 2009

Colours at play...

...or should that be playing with colours - I've got a thing about the macro button on my camera at the moment and I really enjoy taking crazy close up shots and now to add to the craziness fiddling with the saturation levels too.
Nature is beautiful as it is and even when a rose is turned blue it still manages to look incredible (I think anyway).
Not many FO's to report at the moment as I'm in my first week back at work and concentrating on finding a good stable routine for the little man and spending as much time with both my men as possible. Apologies in advance but this may be one of the first things to get neglected in favour of yet more laundry and less time to get it done in.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

12 week goal...

It's that time of year again when the ladies in my family aka. Mum, Sis and myself get ready to do the race for life - due to little mans chaotic entry to this world last year I was unable to run (standing was a problem at times too!).

This year we're all out again - don't see the point in joining an event like this after all we're racing for life and what better way to do this justice than enhancing our lives by getting fitter.

We got absolutely soaked in 2007, 6 days before my wedding (I was so nervous of catching a nasty snivelly cold) and it was the best time - we'd all never been fitter and achieved really respectable times. Sis very unfortunately twisted her ankle at almost the first corner but soldiered on to the very end - I was so proud of her and my Mum too who never ceases to amaze me!

Hope we all look this happy after this years!!!

Immediately after:
Back at home:

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Pink and Green should always be seen...

I love the soft pink tones and how the green on a tulip always matches the colour of the bloom perfectly.