Thursday, 5 February 2009

Early Mornings and much to do...

Having been a little under the weather and getting up throughout the night, I've come to appreciate the serenity of first thing in the morning until my son wakes up (and boy is he ready to play in the morning - being asleep must be so boring!!).
It means that I get to see this untouched by human or animal hand/paw:

So beautiful but I promise I won't be going out in it as it's a sheet of ice underneath!
Haydn looks at the new snow every morning and gets very excited - I'd love to let him play in it but he's just too young and would only be able to sit on the spot getting a very cold and damp bum. For both of us then, we'll stay safe behind the windows.

On this early morning, I have finished a novel I had sitting around since before December last year and have another project on the go to make a blanket for car seat travelling (just testing out a stitch, but it would be great if it could have a purpose too), whilst my main project sits downstairs waiting patiently for me to get up properly.

I'm not going to empty the dishwasher or put on a load of washing, nor will I prepare any bottles or breakfasts just yet. The house feels warm whilst the doors and windows are still closed and today it's blanket of snow gives it an extra cosiness too. I don't want to interrupt this moment.

I'm sounding rather philosophical (please excuse me), so on that note - I hope you too have a calm early morning that you can savour rather than curse the time you could have been asleep!

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