Saturday, 10 January 2009

Gift Knitting

Having just completed two gifts in a relatively short space of time - I have decided that it is one of my favourite things to see someone open and appreciate a homemade gift! I loved every second of making those gifts even when running out of time but this doesn't take anything away from the process - dreaming of the item and then about it's construction and finally how to present it.

I'm very lucky to have such an incredibly understanding family who put up with me when I can't decide what to make (or who to give my fantastic unmade idea to) and who seem to appreciate what they've been given even if they have something very similar already!

It's getting better though, I gauge the time it will take better and actually make sure that I do little and often. And, I'm picking out nicer more appropriate materials and the ideas are much less wacky than they used to be!

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Time for finishing before beginning

Well with the best of intentions I wanted to finish off all old projects before beginning anew - I would be refreshed and proud of myself for having done so.

But it wasn't quite to be - I started something else first, distracted by soft fibres and a sumptuous shade. This time it would be for me, it's half way through and is a pattern of my own so hope to show you some finished results before too long!

In the mean time I managed to get some gift knitting done for a rapidly approaching birthday and also finish everything left in my bag! I have a new scarf and just the weather to be wearing it too.

My little man has been soldiering through a nasty cold which has gone to his chest and so I think I can see something in his future to help cheer him up (not sure what yet but all suggestions gratefully received).

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope your beginnings get finished this year x