Thursday, 25 September 2008

Rosy preview

FO Pic as promised!
Finally starting to deliver something on this WIP - for now some pics to keep you going and also the basic idea of the pattern. Will upload something more clear and with a FO pic soon (she says!!).

I used a basic DK wool and 5mm needles to begin with, although am planning this in a cushy soft alpaca and slightly narrower for my finished item (think I may keep it myself too).

Cast On 14

Cast off 8, Knit 6

Cast on 8, Cast off 8, Knit 6

(repeat last row until scarf measures your chosen length)
Cast on 8, Cast off 14

To round off the end I've knotted the first two legs together (am thinking of a centipede type toy along these lines for my son and much more besides too).

Please note that this is a completed pattern, although I would prefer it differently myself at the moment and will add the details of my amendments to a completed blog shortly. Please make this item for yourself but not to be sold on (unless for charitable reasons) all rights reserved by Chloe Blunn.

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