Monday, 17 November 2008

Knitterly Proud

I've made it - I'm now an official knitter -having made something that was intended for me and worn it and then been asked where i bought it. Picture the scene if you will.... wow I was so pleased to be able to say "actually it's my own design and I knitted it myself"! (good old Rosy!!)

On a second and equally as proud note, I've made something using baby steps of intarsia for my bug's 6month birthday (why ever not!) and it worked. (Courtesy of Knitting magazine)

Not really much else to update as whilst there are always ideas brewing- nothing as yet is making me twitch because it hasn't been started. Think I can go back to just knitting some easy fun bits for a while.

Sunday, 26 October 2008


Wow! a 2hr FO, am very pleased with how such a simple pattern has turned out - I used Rowan Big Wool and 5mm needles for this and I think it is so lovely - going to be making more for gifts and myself too!

Pattern can be found on Ravelry as Asymmetrical Neck Cozy - thanks for such a fab idea.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Moss Update

Since I last wrote, have been on my hols and had a week off doing - well just about anything actually! In the gorgeous sunshine of west wales. Was bug's first holiday and it went down a treat with him.

2nd Moss is complete and awaiting felting when my third trial is done too - not started yet but won't be long until I do.

Still in a bit of a fix re. christmas gifts but getting there - Ravelry as always helping out with ideas and techniques to try!

On a different note, have been trying to make Fudge now for quite a few years and struggled to get a really nice simple recipe until today - marshmallow fudge - so easy and quick and actually tastes right too! Just need to experiment with flavouring it now, I quite fancy a choc orange combo.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Rosy preview

FO Pic as promised!
Finally starting to deliver something on this WIP - for now some pics to keep you going and also the basic idea of the pattern. Will upload something more clear and with a FO pic soon (she says!!).

I used a basic DK wool and 5mm needles to begin with, although am planning this in a cushy soft alpaca and slightly narrower for my finished item (think I may keep it myself too).

Cast On 14

Cast off 8, Knit 6

Cast on 8, Cast off 8, Knit 6

(repeat last row until scarf measures your chosen length)
Cast on 8, Cast off 14

To round off the end I've knotted the first two legs together (am thinking of a centipede type toy along these lines for my son and much more besides too).

Please note that this is a completed pattern, although I would prefer it differently myself at the moment and will add the details of my amendments to a completed blog shortly. Please make this item for yourself but not to be sold on (unless for charitable reasons) all rights reserved by Chloe Blunn.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

This Month's WIP's / FO's

So, Rosy was promised and not yet delivered still WIP and may actually never come to fruition - am really pleased with Curlewe and Moss and the variation for Moss is well in progress at the moment, Pics to be added soon.

My Christmas gift bag is filling up well - just the men folk who are really causing me any kind of grief but even so they'll be finished in plenty of time.

Not sure what project to take away on my holiday but probably be something simple so that I can put it down easily and get on with the art of relaxing in true style. Doing some research on the area at the moment so that we have lots to think about doing or not as the case may be!

Friday, 19 September 2008


A really simple and quick knitted take on an old crochet favourite.... For these couple of samples I used different yarns and just to be even more confusing different needle sizes too! Judge for yourself which you think looks best.

Pink = Palette DK and 5mm 100cm circular needle

Burgundy = Patons Misty and 4mm 100com circular needle

You will need:

Yarn of your choice (finer wools look best in my opinion) a 50g ball of most types will make at least 2 scarves.
100cm Circular needle of 1mm larger than size recommended on ball band to help achieve a lacy effect.


Cast on as many stitches as will comfortable stretch (It's really important to only cast on as many stitches as will stretch as you are going to do some significant increasing to get a nice curl) over the length of your needles.

Row 1 - Knit
Row 3 - Increase into every stitch by knitting in the front and the back of the loop
Row 4 - Knit
Row 5 - Increase into every stitch by knitting in the front and the back of the loop
Rows 6 onwards - Knit until you have achieved your desired width of scarf (I have knitted 3 further rows on burgundy and one on pink).

Cast off all stitches and weave in ends.

Please note that this pattern is not intended to be sold or items made to be sold on unless for charitable reasons, all rights reserved to Chloe Blunn. Please send me pictures of any that you have made I'd love to see them.


My first felting project - a gorgeous tote for any occasion using only knit stitches.

You will need:
4mm 40cm circular needle
Tapestry needle
50g Space Dyed BFL DK in 'Moss' by Fyberspates (or any other 100% wool - not superwash)
Stitch markers

  • Cast on 120 stitches and place a marker at beginning of round.
  • Knit 7 rounds
  • R8 - Knit 15, cast off 30, Knit 30, Cast off 30, Knit 15
  • R9 - Knit 15, cast on 20 and join round, Knit 30, cast on 20 and join round, Knit 15
  • Knit until work measures 14cm from top cast on edge
  • R - Knit 3, SSK place Marker, Knit 40 Place Marker, K2tog, knit 8, SSK, Place Marker, Knit 40 place Marker, K2tog, knit 3
  • R - K to 2 stitches before marker, SSK, K to next marker, K2tog after marker, K to 2 stitches before marker, SSK, K to next marker, K2tog after marker
  • Repeat last row until 2 stitches remain between markers
  • Knit 4 more rounds
  • R - K2tog until end of round
  • R - K2tog until end of round

Cast off all stitches and sew edges together OR graft edges with kitchener stitch

Flower: (knit as flat work)

Cast on 6 stitches
R1 - Increase into each stitch by knitting into front and back of loop
R2 - K
R3 - Increase into each stitch by knitting into front and back of loop
R4 - K
R5 - Increase into each stitch by knitting into front and back of loop
R6 - K
R7 - Increase into each stitch by knitting into front and back of loop
Cast off all stitches and sew to bag in desired position


Place finished bag into a pillowcase to catch loose fibres and prevent clogging of washing machine.
Wash at 40 degrees on a program that has a good cold rinse section.
Pull into shape and dry flat.

See Pics for Before and After shots...

Please note these patterns are not intended to be sold or items made to be sold on - all rights reserved by Chloe Blunn. Please leave comments if you spot any errors. I'd love to see any variations on the finished items you make too......

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Fresh, back from the 'Knitting and Stitching' show 2008 at the NEC, I have more projects on the needles than ever before and my stash is now scarily huge!!
Working on a small tote for my first felting project 'Moss'- thanks to Fyberspates for the inspiration and 3 skeins of gorgeous DK... more to come on progress at a later date.
'Curlewe' is a narrow scarf with curly edges that is more in my head than on the needles yet - thanks to Alpaca Select for this idea (i'm revising a scarf pattern from a scarf I saw on their stand).
'Rosy' will be another narrow scarf that will curl similar to a crocheted effort but this is touch and go if it will work.
Hope everyone who went had a great time and have come back brimming with ideas - will show you my efforts just as soon as they're done...

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Quickest FO yet!

Well, I told you about stripedy and it's already finished and made up! I'm made up too! I've used some top quality yarns for this one and am chuffed with the outcome. Can't say enough about Rowan Coccoon - beautiful quality and so soft- incredible value too.

Taking little bug to be weighed today as he's almost 4months old now. Think it's going to be a good gain as he's filling out his skin well.

Started another project last night and already 45% of the way through. I'm really loving all these stash busting gifts I'm making at the moment - about time too that I cleared through some of it!!!

Friday, 5 September 2008

New WIP - Stripedy

If you're a subscriber to ravelry then more info for Stripedy can be found there (link at the bottom of this page).

I'm really pleased to say that I've started a new project and it's a third of the way through in one afternoon already. I think it has even given me the drive to finish my boring project too.

I've got a couple of ideas for some new gift projects too so watch this space as I think I'll be designing them myself as can't seem to find quite what I want out there in the internet ether!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Why aren't patterns only over two pages??

Having a funny morning today - Have just finished feeding bug his first breakfast ever so completely elated with that (chomped his way through runny baby rice in under a minute and barely any spills!) but have gone to print off a couple of patterns found the other day and all of them have 3 or 4 lines on a third page, which is really frustrating as I like to laminate mine to cope with all the carrying around they get!

I implore all pattern writers to stick to even pages or better yet just two sides of A4 so that it becomes one piece when laminated....

Ok, feeling better now (and yes I do copy the text into word and Edit the page format to fit onto 2 sides when it's not a protected PDF).

Anyone know how to do this easily I'd be very grateful!

Monday, 1 September 2008

Knitters Block

If you've been there - you'll know! Similar to startitis I'm stuck in a piece that's easy to knit but not producing results as fast as I want it to. I'm now frantically searching for something else to do to distract me from the monotony and instead am spending hours online looking at free patterns rather than DOING anything!


Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Newborn Baby Pumps


These pretty bootees are knitted from oddments of Baby DK wool using 11mm (size 3) needles. You will also need approx 40 cm of ribbon to finish.

You can use any number of colours; those shown have had the soles 26 rows knitted in an alternative colour.

Cast on 10 stitches

R 1-26, Knit

R 27, K4,( inc 1 in next stitch) twice, K4
R 28, Knit, at end of row cast on a further 32 stitches
R 29, Knit, at end of row cast on a further 10 stitches
R 30-36, Knit

R 37, Cast off 10 stitches, K12 (leaving these on needle), Cast off 10 stitches, K to end
R 38, Working on 22 stitches only, K

R 39-41 Knit
R 42, Purl
R 43, K1, YF K2TOG, K16, K2TOG YF, K1 (creating two eyelets for ribbon)

R 44, Knit
R 45, Cast off and weave in end thread

R 1, Rejoin 12 stitches remaining on needle (leave a 4” thread to sew top to sides) and K to end
R 2, K1, K2TOG, K6, K2TOG, K1
R 3-6, Knit

R 7, K1, K2TOG, K4, K2TOG, K1
R 8-13, Knit
R 14, Purl
R 15-16, Knit
R17, Cast off, leaving a thread to stitch side to top

To Finish:

Join top to sides
Bring sides together and join leaving a flat seam
Turning the bootee inside out, join sole to sides
Turn right side and thread ribbon through eyelet holes

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Colin Caterpillar

Here's my pattern for an easy Colin Caterpillar with I-Cord anntenae - please leave me comments if you spot any errors - thanks and happy knitting!


4 x 3.75DPN's

Stitch Marker

Yarn scraps - DK is great


Darning Needle for sewing up


Noise makers (if desired)


K - knit

K2TOG - Knit two stitches together to make one

M1 - Knit through the front and back of the stitch to increase from one to two stitches


~Cast On 15 stitches and split evenly onto 3 DPN's, you may like to place a stitch marker at the beginning of the round to help later.
~Knit 3 Rounds.
~Increase Round - M1 into every stitch, you should now have 30 stitches, 10 on each needle.
~Knit 5 Rounds.
~Increase Round - M1 into every stitch, you should now have 60 stitches, 20 on each needle.

Body bump 1

~Knit 10 Rounds.
~Decrease Round - K2TOG from start to finish until you have 30 stitches.
~Knit 3 Rounds.
~Increase Round - M1 into every stitch, you should now have 60 stitches, 20 on each needle.

Body bump 2

~Knit 10 Rounds.
~Decrease Round - K2TOG from start to finish until you have 30 stitches.
~Knit 3 Rounds.
~Increase Round - M1 into every stitch, you should now have 60 stitches, 20 on each needle.


~Knit 10 Rounds.
~Decrease Round - K2TOG from start to finish until you have 30 stitches.
~Knit 5 Rounds.
~Decrease Round - K2TOG from start to finish until you have 15 stitches.
~Knit 3 Rounds.
~Decrease Round - K2TOG 7 times until last stitch, K1.

Making Up

~Cut off yarn leaving a 20cm tail and thread this tail through the 8 stitches, drawing tight to close off head.

~Stuff body and add any noise makers.

~Tie ribbon around bumps to help define them.

~Attach two short lengths of I-Cord to the head

~Embroider a smile and eyes

Saturday, 23 August 2008

It has been some time, but, time well spent. I've now got 2 FO's for my chrimbo sack and a third well on the way.

As we've finally had some good weather I'm also taking the opportunity to paint my fence blue and re-pot all the patio plants- exhausting work but picking up my needles afterwards is a great reward!

Little man has just grown out of one of my first knits for him- sad to see it on the 'too small' pile but now some other items may start to get used.

Friday, 15 August 2008

number two

Well, haven't been overly busy since last entry but have finally completed a gorgeous gift for my sister - knitted of course - this will remain anonymous until Chrimbo is here.

Next WIP is yet another anonymous gift for the parents this time - my needles are going to be humming in the next few months!

I suppose you're wondering why I've started so early and simply put it's because the projects I've chosen are all something I've never knitted before or have a more challenging stitch that's new to me- there's going to be a few start overs I can see it now.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

First Entry

The first entry - a daunting prospect but like so many things best done quickly to get it over with and can move on with life and blogging in earnest later....